In 2012, Hjørring Varmeforsyning (the district heating company of the Danish town of Hjørring) completed a seismic survey in the eastern part of town and towards the existing deep well near Sæby. The interpretation of the new seismic data together with the existing geological and geophysical data indicates that the underground under Hjørring is suitable for geothermal energy.

In 2013-2014, Hjørring Varmeforsyning constructed and commissioned a new boiler unit that can burn all different types of biomass. The unit is prepared for supply of heat for the absorption heat pumps in a geothermal energy plant, should such a plant be constructed at a later stage.

Currently, Hjørring Varmeforsyning is awaiting the implementation of a fund for the advancement of geothermal district heating, which is part of the state budget for 2015.