We have participated in the European research project "GeoDH - Promote Geothermal District Heating Systems in Europe" in 2012-2014. The project objective was to stimulate the use of geothermal energy for district heating. This object has been attacked from different angles to obtain knowledge, develop recommendations and share experiences. The project has resulted in:

  • A GIS database with interactive map of the geothermal potential for district heating systems. The map is supplemented with information on existing facilities.
  • Recommendations regarding the regulatory framework for geothermal district heating, based on analyses of existing regulatory framework in the European countries.
  • Recommendations for project management and financing of geothermal district heating projects.
  • Knowledge and experience sharing on geothermal district heating systems through a database of best practices of different types of plants in different countries.

To stimulate awareness and disseminate knowledge of geothermal district heating training and workshops in 14 European countries is completed, as well as reports, brochures and websites on the subject are published.
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