About us

Construction and operation of geothermal energy plants for production of district heating is characterised by relatively large investments, but at the same time low and relatively predictable variable costs – and not least by risks, that lie way beyond what the district heating companies are used to handle. Therefore it is utmost importance to have access to the necessary knowledge on geology, seismic surveying, drilling technology, absorption heat pumps, water chemistry – and many other subjects that are typically part of the construction and operation of geothermal energy plants.

As a consequence, the Danish District Heating Association has in January 2011 together with a number of leading district heating companies with geothermal activities established Danish Geothermal District Heating with the purpose of securing its members’ access to the necessary knowledge related to the construction and operation of geothermal district heating plants.

The local district heating companies are therefore our natural partners.

We have the tools as well as the necessary knowledge and experience to evaluate the geological and technical possibilities for constructing a geothermal plant in a given place. Together with the local district heating company we can assess the possibilities and at an early stage decide, whether there is basis for going on with project maturation.